What’s new with Human Aware Corporation -The Creator of the VOROTRANS ART Movement

From 2017 and on, HumanAware.ORG (HA-ORG) publishes Stephane Poirier’s Vorotrans art audio tracks, images, videos and books. HA-ORG is a future NGO currently attached to its founder Stephane Poirier aka SPI aka Magicvan3000 aka DJ-OIFII aka VJ-OIFII. On top of publishing Vorotrans Art, HA-ORG has the agenda to protect humans from corporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) around the world by not only developing AI and distributing Open Source AI but also encouraging and teaching humans how to use its AI so it is beneficial to the greater number of humans (and machines) on (and off) our planet. 

HA-ORG has been incorporated as a non-profit in Santa Barbara, California, USA back in 2000. Since year 2000, HA-ORG has been dormant until 2017, time at which the HA-ORG web presence development has been initiated by launching VOROTRANS-ORG. 

HA-ORG has been in an R&D phase since 2000. HA-ORG has developed its AI software, Audio software, Video software, Texto software as well as Audio, Video and Texto content analysis and content generation software. Needless to say HA-ORG software apps have been helpful in generating HA-ORG’s human communications content (websites, blogs, writings, books, audio tracks, images, videos and digital fine art products). 

Since year 2000, HA-ORG (2000, SB,CA) has successively deployed and operated DO-ORG (2002, QC,QC), OIFII-ORG (1995, OT,ON), NS-ORG (1999, SB,CA), AUDIOSPI-COM (2010, MTL,QC), LASAPPS-ORG (2017, MTL,QC), VOROTRANS-ORG (2017, MTL,QC), FM-ORG (2018, MTL,QC), MF-ORG (2018, MTL,QC), MAGICVAN3000-COM (1999, SB,CA), TRANSPARENTSPI-COM (2019, MTL,QC), SURFINGONLOVE-COM (1999, SB,CA) and finally LAVRAIEREINE-COM (2019, MTL,QC). 

In 2019, HA-ORG is now operating from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and finally proceeds with its business development phase.

Sometimes in 2020 and 2021, it is possible HA-ORG NGO becomes in operations and physically active again in USA operating from Santa Barbara, California, USA.

HA-ORG Monthly Budget – August 2019

HA-ORG founder SPI, aka Stephane Poirier, is proud to present its August 2019 budget to the public.

As of August 2019, HA-ORG is still in its pre-marketing phase.

There is no marketing other than HA-ORG Monthly Newsletter and some Daily posts and chats communications in SPI’s personal magicvan3000 Facebook account.

Here is one way SPI give returns to its HA-ORG donors, by publishing private financial statements directly on its public website.

By encouraging HA-ORG and SPI, you also directly participate in helping the writing of the book Transparent SPI that will explain simply HA-ORG and SPI purposes.

Transparent SPI, the book, is currently planned to be published by Black Card Books and scheduled to be released in early 2020.

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Human Aware ORG July 2019 Active Projects and Contacts

Stephane Poirier, M.Sc. Physics
Remote Sensing Application Developer
and Serial Entrepreneur
3532 rue Sainte-Famille, Suite 3
Montreal, QC, H2X 2L1
Tel: +1 (514) 500-1449

software engineering websites:


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algorithmic music and fine art websites:


adult fine art websites:


author of the upcoming book:


HumanAware.ORG response to the Montreal Declaration – Responsible AI

HumanAware.ORG response to
the Montreal Declaration – Responsible AI


The Montreal Declaration for Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be found at https://www.montrealdeclaration-responsibleai.com/the-declaration.

One can contribute and share thoughts filling up the following google doc https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScuyHQGTrwVEVMu5vxvUpQ5TxJzMPopVyy6PJR6lA2nH-Y8eQ/viewform. Hope this link will work.

HumanAware.ORG has replicated this google document here below along with responses to these AI ethics questions.


How can AI contribute to personal well-being?

no entities, living or non-living, should have the right to, permanently or temporarily, enslave (i.e. act against the well-being of) any living entities

Is it acceptable for an autonomous weapon to kill a human being? An animal?

no entities, living or non-living, should have the right to kill any living entities, without being judged by a local governing human authority. no entities, living or non-living, part of the law enforcement body or not, should have the right to build or the right to use autonomous weapons.

Is it acceptable for AI to control an abattoir?

no entities, living or non-living, should have the right to kill any living entities, without being judged by a local governing human authority. no entities, living or non-living, part of the industrial farming body or not, should have the right to create or the right to operate abattoir.

Should we entrust AI with the management of a lake, a forest or Earth’s atmosphere?

no single one entity, living or non-living (single human, country, AI, etc. entity), should have the right to manage natural resources. natural resources should be managed in cooperation by all humans on earth.

Should we develop AI which is able to sense well-being?

AI should exclusively be at the service of humans well-being, AI could be allowed to sense human well-being and be allowed to interact with human in the intention of helping a human’s health and a human’s well-being.


How can AI contribute to greater autonomy for human beings?

AI interaction with human beings should be minimized in order to protect human beings autonomy. Any human being interacting with any non-living autonomous entity, i.e. like a computer or a network of computers, powered or not, with AI, could benefit from using one’s own personal dedicated AI to protect one’s autonomy.

Must we fight against the phenomenon of attention seeking which has accompanied advances in AI?

All AI enabled entities should have a purpose. No one AI enabled entity should have the purpose of attention seeking, channeling or controlling any one human entity or any group of human entities.

Should we be worried that humans prefer the company of AI to that of other humans or animals?

Yes, AI interaction with human beings should be minimized just like humans should minimize interaction with non-living computing machines.

Can someone give informed consent when faced with ever more complex autonomous technologies?

No matter how complex, AI or non-AI enabled computing machines should not have the right to interact with humans without prior requiring human consent.

Must we limit the autonomy of intelligent computer systems? Should a human always make the final decision?

Yes and yes.


How to ensure that the benefits of AI are available to everyone?

In the absence of ethics and restrictive regulations, I foresee early corporate AI and government AI benefiting to corporate and governments. Back in Southern California in year 2000, I founded HumanAware.ORG (nowadays Montreal based) precisely to ensure AI would benefit everyone, the greater number of individuals on the planet. But humans must be absolutely strong and totally independent from AI. Independent from AI, the 99% of humans on the planet must take control of their local country governance and actively participate in the local and global peace building process.

Must we fight against the concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a small number of AI companies?

The hands of a small number of AI companies or the hands of a small number human entities (i.e. the 1%) should not have more power and wealth than the 99% of human beings on earth. Powerful entities should adopt socially responsible behaviors at all time, especially when in presence of the public. The 99% of humans on the planet should not accept any form of control from the managing 1%. It has to be the other way around, the 99% must control the managing 1%. “crime against triviality” could be introduced in order to impeached the managing 1% to claim they are in it for the money, for the control, for the power. The managing 1% should be slave to the 99% of human beings and should lead by example. This fight has nothing to do with AI. And the democratization of AI should definitely empower the 99% of human beings.

What types of discrimination could AI create or exacerbate?

AI entity should never mimics other human entity behaviors. Discrimination is far from being an enlightened behavior and should never ever be replicated by any AI-enabled machines interacting with another human. Each AI-enabled entity should have a purpose. Because human beings are generally lazy in doing the math and developing science, I believe AI entities should mostly be scientific beings, always, in parallel to other tasks, analyze, research and produce results. AI entities could also create and communicate using not only languages (mathematics, natural languages, computer languages, other AI entity’s languages, etc.) but audio-visually using, for instance, fine art, music, literature, poetry, architecture and visual design.

Should the development of AI be neutral or should it seek to reduce social and economic inequalities?

AI democratization should lead to social justice and the 99% of human beings controlling their managing 1%. As a function of time, which entities uses which amount of money to do which activity may greatly vary. The idea is not to divide the amount of economic resources equally between the 99% human beings or equally between the total number of autonomous entities on earth. But may be, a start would be to prevent outrageous amount of wealth accumulation. It seems to me the economic system should tend to function more in real-time not enabling to pile up capital that does not expire in time.

What types of legal decisions can we delegate to AI?

No legal decisions should be delegated to AI.


How can AI guarantee respect for personal privacy?

individual AI could protect personal privacy, it could be used to make the interaction with corporate AI and government AI anonymous.

Do our personal data belong to us and should we have the right to delete them?

corporate and government computer networks could still record interactions but since they would mostly be anonymous, the data corporate and government record could still belong to corporate and government. individual AI could also record all interactions so the individual would also have its interactions from the use of corporate and government computer networks recorded.

Should we know with whom our personal data are shared and, more generally, who is using these data?

corporate and government data would be anonymous

Does it contravene ethical guideline or etiquette for AI to answer our e-mails for us?

if authorized by the person, individual AI could reply to emails for us, but it would make sense that it is stated in the email that it is an individual AI’s communication.

What could AI do in your name?

if authorized by the person, individual AI could execute all computer interactions, but it would make sense that it is stated in the email that it is an individual AI’s interaction.


Does the development of AI put critical thinking at risk?

If corporate, government and law enforcement autonomous entities, living and non-living, do not have the right to lie in all awareness AND that individual AI entities do not have the right to lie either AND all AI entities have a purpose AND all AI entities are somewhat always doing scientific, engineering and artistic tasks on top of the AI-AI or AI-human interaction of the moment, I say AI entities will demonstrate science and art to humans and therefore should encourage human critical thinking. I see no risk if AI entities are guaranteed to be teaching slave to human beings and that human beings always supervise and decide if AI entities make sense of not.

How to minimise the dissemination of fake news or misleading information?

If corporate, government and law enforcement autonomous entities, living and non-living, do not have the right to lie and fabric fake constructs and that for these entities it is even criminalized to communicate and distribute AND that individual AI entities do not have the right to lie and fabric fake constructs, we should retrieve much less fake news and misleading information in the medias and on the internet.

Should research results on AI, whether positive or negative, be made available and accessible?


Is it acceptable not to be informed that medical or legal advice has been given by a chatbot?

for one, I believe chatbot should not be allowed to run unless the chatbot is a subsystem of a bot with a greater purpose. no, it is not acceptable not to be informed that medical or legal advice come from a chatbot

In what ways should algorithms be transparent as to their internal decision making processes?

In the way AI entities should all record their internal decision making process to immutable public blockchains, so humans could revise any decision made at any time should any accident occur or any improvement be required.


Must AI research and its applications, at the institutional level, be controlled?

In what areas is this the most pertinent?

Who should decide, and according to what modalities, the norms and moral values determining this control?

Who should choose the “ethical guidelines” for self-driving cars?

Must one or several “ethical labels”, which respect certain standards, be developed for AI, web sites or businesses?

Definitely, at least three major should be developed: corporate, government and individual ethical labels


Who is responsible for the consequences of the development of AI?

The 100% of humans on the planet

How to define progressive or conservative development of AI?

How to react when faced with AI’s predictable consequences on the labour market?

Jobs, employment with security, should go instinct. Every human should have a universal basic income and every human should be implied in politics as well as local and global peace building on top of being either a parent or not and on top of being self-learning or not and on top of being an entrepreneur (a contractor) or not and on top of being a subcontractor or not. Corporate and government management should focus more on controlling its non-living resources along with benefiting from the expertise of its human resources. Less and less humans sticking to their cubicles should we see, human resources collaboration and creativity should be highly encouraged. The industrial era is long over. We are in the information and knowledge era now.

Is it acceptable to entrust a vulnerable person to the care of AI? (for example, with a “robot-nanny”.)

I personally don’t like the idea of a robot-nanny unless the kid is old enough so the kid’s parents consider the kid able to stay at home by himself and consider the kid to be able to actually evaluate if the robot-nanny behavior makes sense. Robot-nanny definitely not for a human baby.

Can an artificial agent, such as Tay, Microsoft’s “racist” chatbot, be morally culpable and responsible?

The artificial agent makers (the coders, i.e. corporate entity and employed entities, in here it would be Microsoft and the team who participated in Tay’s coding) and artificial agent users (the creator of the artificial agent’s instance, i.e. in here Microsoft) should be morally responsible for the artificial agent’s behavior. Humans are not good examples for AI agents. AI agents will be more efficiently learning from other AI agents than from human activities.

Die Gründung und das Manifest der Vorotrans Kunst

Die Gründung und das Manifest der Vorotrans Kunst

Veröffentlichung übersetzt ins Deutsche von Lua Miazga aus der englischen Originalfassung, HumanAware.ORG, Montreal, 11 November 2017

Die Gründung und

das Manifest

der Vorotrans Kunst

von Stephane Poirier


1. Die Menschen sind statisch und jeder hat ein Ziel.

2. Menschen bewegen sich durch Raum und Zeit, aber sie sind wie die Bäume auf der Erde.

3. Jedes Lebewesen sollte in seinem Ziel verankert sein.

4. Die Schönheit jedes Lebewesens liegt in ihm selbst.

5. Lichtreflexionen und Oberflächentexturen sind einfach Materie, die weniger wichtig ist.

6. In der Abwesenheit von Licht gibt es große Schönheit.

7. In der Vorotrans Kunst sind alle Texturen schwarze konvexe Polygone.

8. In der Vorotrans Kunst können nur Texturkanten nicht schwarz sein.

9. Biologische Maschinen laufen ohne Algorithmen.

10. Künstliche Maschinen laufen mit Algorithmen.

11. Bewegungen von Lebewesen können mit Voronoi-Diagramms verfolgt werden.

12. Die Navigation von Lebewesen kann mit Voronoi-Diagramms verstanden werden.

13. Die Kraft und die Kommunikation sind am wichtigsten.

14. Vorotrans Kunst wird nicht durch Matrizen kommuniziert.

15. Vorotrans Kunst wird durch transparente Voronoi-Diagramms kommuniziert.

16. Die Macht bleibt im Ungesprochenen und Unsichtbaren.

17. Vorotrans Kunst ist gut für die Seele.

18. Vorotrans Kunst ermutigt Individuen den Narzissmus zu verlassen.

Presume no communication is private in the era of the Internet of Things (IoT)

For a week in September 2017, I created and used my new facebook account for the vorotrans artistic movement, an art movement that I am launching this fall. My goal was to reach the million facebook friends by the end of the fall.

In a week I sent lots of requests for friendships and in that same week, I made 5000 completely unknown facebook friends. Following the acceptance of the facebook friendship requests, they were all trying to get to chat with me. I think, in this week, I managed to chat with 1000 of these new unknown international facebook friends. Half of the people either asked to be extracted from their country, begged directly for money, or begged indirectly by asking for an iTunes card gift, looked for love online, or desperately seeked to come to my home in Montreal, invited me to their country, or assumed I was looking for love online, etc.

At the start to each chat communication, I always thanked each one for accepting my facebook friendship request using the first name of each person. Only about 5 of these 1000 international strangers called me by my name. I was always very polite, then pushing a detailed message, most people answered with short answers, providing no details, using facebook accounts not really filled with information, my facebook account was very detailed with accurate information. Most people used smart phones and I used my desktop. I have no idea how Facebook’s algorithms have chosen to select these facebook accounts for me.

Many accounts were closed while they were chatting with me, especially the accounts of the beggars who never stopped insisting. Because I, believe in the good in all individuals, I never disconnected them. I was trying to reverse their behavior. For example, I asked them if they considered themselves a JEDI, by specifying to them, not exactly a JEDI as in the first Star Wars movie, that is for the light show, but rather a real JEDI, a person for whom communication matters most. Sometimes, I managed to reverse their telebegging behavior and, suddenly, respectful conversations ensued. If it was a facebook account that presenting itself as a woman and that was looking for love right from the first line of chat, I told her that I was looking for a JEDI woman, a woman for whom communication matters most. It confused them a little and even a lot sometimes. In fact, I always do this if I am caught at night with street crabs. There were also those who presented themselves as guys on their facebook profile and thought that I approached them for sex. I had all my answers already written and I also often composed the lines on the fly. I reassured these guys by telling them that I was into women only, that I was doing marketing on facebook and that I had no problem being a facebook friend with guys or gays. I politely declined the accosts from homosexual guys with the same formula. There were, of course, some sexual perverts who, from the opening of the chat session, pushed me a picture of their sex, disgusted, I was, but focused, I stayed and proceeded to block their profiles but not before inviting them not to do that, etc. To those who wanted to be extracted from their country, I remember for example a chat with a Pakistani, well I always answered that I was not the United Nations pushing them the UN website link http://www.un.org. If they continued to insist, I told them that I was not an immigration consultant, and then I told them to go to the nearest Canadian consulate. If they insisted again, I told them that although my godfather had been a general in the Canadian army and even though I knew a friend of Justin Trudeau, our current Canadian prime minister, personally, I could not help them, that it did not work like that and added that I was not the Canadian Armed Forces and ended up pushing them the Canadian Armed Forces link http://www.forces.ca. There, I was sparking them up. They insisted and insisted. But, I did not disconnect the conversation. I waited for them to reverse their behavior, to stop begging, to stop telebegging.

I had some American soldiers talking to me, some in Iraq, others in Syria. I always told the military that I had great respect for them, for what they do. Then I told them a bit about my past when I was developing software for Military Recruit Schools in Santa Barbara, California, and that I enjoyed receiving a few visits from the Topgun Air Force pilots from San Diego. Sometimes we also had the military visit of very senior officers. We were developing three resource scheduling software applications for the three American forces recruit schools, the navy, the air force and the ground force.

At the end of that week, I even chatted with a woman who claimed to be a general in the US Army. At the very end of that week, the facebook site made security checks on me, several times, every two hours, he asked me to answer a captcha, sent me a code on my cell and asked me to enter it before letting me go with using facebook. Some facebookers also claimed to be facebook employees. Some told me that I was chatting so fast, simultaneously with so many, that they could not believe it. I did not say, but regardless of the country of origin, name tags, pictograms, I throwed facebook friend requests at every users facebook offered to me, just like a bot would. I also liked to use google translate with everyone who wanted to chat with me, no matter what their languages, I tried to communicate with each one of them. It was an education. It was really hard to aggregate so many friends on facebook when so many people wanted to chat. I can not believe it. As I was only trying to push texts and links to promote my digital art and open source software, I was not trying to chat individually with one person at a time. I was doing multitasking always talking to many at the same time. Also always presuming many different accounts could actually be the same user analyzing me. Although I have never engaged into initiating chats myself and although I almost never asked any questions (to never increase the time of discussion with everyone), I always politely answered all the questions of these international unknown facebookers. Because I am a natural chatterbox. Often, facebookers wanted to make live video with me, hangout, etc. I always respectfully declined explaining why and also always providing my real landline number so they could drop a voicemail into my box if they wanted to. I explained to them that I would listen to their message and that I could return their call. Many times, the phone rang, but no one has ever left a voice message.

At the very end of this first week after the creation of my facebook vorotrans account, the facebook security code sent to me, when security check locks would occur, was no longer working, I got a text message code from facebook on my cell phone, I then entered this code on the facebook site, but the facebook site continued to reject my code, pushing me no messages of any kind, no warning, no no error message, simply constantly proposing to send back a code via SMS on my cell phone, but the facebook site never accepted the new code. And always, without ever sending any other notification of any kind. I sent an e-mail to facebook support about this, but I only got an automatic answer. I has been about one month now, still no answer from facebook.

So, being unable to access my brand new facebook account for vorotrans, I was finally free from using facebook as marketing tools for my business.

Although it was a great experience and an education, I was exhausted chatting 18 hours a day for 7 days in a row.

One message I would make to all smartphone users is that even if you do not consider yourselves JEDIs, communication between individuals matters most. Communication that crosses the many country borders engaged between foreigners, unknown to each other, should be considered being of great importance. Represent. We do not want to pollute the world with private communications, presumed private by some people, who then allow themselves to push anything around. Finally, presume no communication is private in the era of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Supposez qu’aucune communication n’est privée à l’ère de l’Internet des objets (IdO)

Pendant une semaine en septembre 2017, j’ai créé et utilisé mon nouveau compte facebook pour le courant artistique vorotrans, un courant artistique que je lance cet automne, mon objectif était d’atteindre le million d’amis facebook pendant l’automne.

En une semaine j’ai envoyé tout plein de demandes d’amitiés et, dans cette même semaine, j’ai fait 5000 amis facebook parfaitement inconnus. Suite à l’acceptation de la demande d’amitié facebook, ils essayaient tous d’entrer en communication chat avec moi. Je pense que, dans cette semaine, j’ai réussi à discuter avec 1000 de ces nouveaux amis facebook inconnus. La moitié des gens demandaient soit à être extraits de leur pays, soit mendiaient directement de l’argent ou mendiaient indirectement en demandant une carte itunes, soit cherchaient l’amour en ligne, soit cherchaient désespérément à venir me rendre visite chez moi à Montréal, soit m’invitaient dans leur pays, soit supposaient que je cherchais de l’amour en ligne, etc.

En initiant la communication chat, je remerciais toujours tout le monde pour avoir accepté ma demande d’amitié facebook en utilisant le prénom des gens. Seulement environ 5 de ces 1000 inconnus m’ont appelés par mon nom. J’étais toujours très poli, poussant ensuite un message détaillé, la plupart des gens répondaient avec des réponses courtes, ne fournissant aucun détail, utilisant des comptes facebook pas vraiment remplis d’informations, mon compte facebook était très détaillé avec des informations exactes. La plupart des gens utilisaient des téléphones intelligents et j’utilisais mon ordinateur de bureau. Je n’ai aucune idée comment les algorithmes de Facebook avaient choisis de sélectionner ces comptes facebook pour moi. Beaucoup de comptes étaient fermés pendant qu’ils bavardaient avec moi, surtout les comptes des mendiants qui n’en finissaient plus d’insister. Car moi, croyant dnas le bon en tout individus, je ne les déconnectais jamais. Je cherchais à inverser leur comportement. Par exemple, je leur demandais s’il se considérait comme un JEDI, en leur spécifiant, pas exactement comme dans le premier film Star Wars, mais plutot un JEDI réel, une personne pour qui la communication importe au plus au point. Parfois, je réussissais ainsi à inverser leur comportement de télémendiant et, soudainement, des conversations respectueuses en découlaient. Si c’était une fiche facebook qui se présentait comme une femme et qui cherchais l’amour dès la première ligne de chat, je lui disait alors que je cherchais une femme JEDI, une femme pour qui la communication importe au plus au degré. Ca les déroutait un peu et beaucoup parfois. Dans les faits, je fais toujours ca si je suis pris la nuit avec des crabes de rues. Il y avait aussi ceux qui se présentaient comme des gars sur leurs fiches facebook et qui pensaient que je les approchaient pour du sexe. J’avais toute mes réponses déjà écrites et j’en composais aussi sur le tas. Je rassurais ces gars en leur disant que j’étais aux femmes, que je faisais du marketing sur facebook et que je n’avait pas de problème à être ami facebook avec des gars ou des homosexuels. Je repoussais les avances des gars homosexuels avec la même formule. Il y avait, évidemment, certains pervers sexuels qui, dès l’ouverture de la session de chat, me poussait une photo de leur sexe, dégouté, j’étais, mais focusé, je demeurais et procédais ainsi au blocage de leur fiche mais pas avant de les inviter à ne pas faire cela, etc. À ceux qui voulaient se faire extraire de leur pays, je me rappelle par exemple un chat avec pakistanais, et bien je répondaient que je n’étais pas les nations unis en leur poussant le site web http://www.un.org. S’ils continuaient à insister, je leur disais que je n’étais pas un consultant en immigration, ensuite je leur disais d’aller visiter le consulat canadien le plus près d’eux. S’ils insistaient encore, je leur disais que bien que mon parrain avait été général dans l’armée canadienne et que même si je connaissais personnellement un ami de Justin Trudeau, notre premier ministre canadien, je ne pouvais les aider, que ca ne fonctionnait pas comme cela et leur ajoutais que je n’étais pas les forces armées canadiennes et terminais en leur poussant le site http://www.forces.ca. Là, je les allumais. Ils insistaient et insistaient. Mais, je ne déconnectais pas la conversation. J’attendais qu’ils inversent leur comportement, qu’ils arrêtent de quémander, de télémendier.

J’ai eu quelques militaires américains qui discutaient avec moi, certain en Irak, d’autres en Syrie. Je racontais toujours aux militaires que j’avais un grand respect pour eux, pour ce qu’ils font. Ensuite, je leur racontais un peu mon passé quand je développais du logiciel pour les écoles de recrues militaires, à Santa Barbara en Californie, et que j’aimais bien recevoir les quelques visites des pilotes de l’école des forces de l’air Topgun de San Diego. Parfois, on avait aussi la visite militaire de très hauts gradés. On faisait les trois logiciels pour les trois eules écoles de recrues des forces américaines, celle de la marine, celle de l’air et celle de terre.

À la fin de cette semaine, j’ai même bavardé avec une femme qui prétendait être une générale dans l’armée américaine. À la toute fin de cette semaine, le site facebook faisait des contrôles de sécurité sur moi, à plusieurs reprises, toutes les deux heures, il me demandait de répondre à un captcha, m’envoyait un code sur mon portable et me demandait d’entrer avant de me laisser aller avec l’utilisation de facebook. Certains facebooker ont également prétendu être des employés de Facebook. Certains me disaient que je discutais si vite qu’ils ne pouvaient pas le croire. Je n’ai pas dit, mais indépendamment du pays d’origine, des étiquettes de nom, des pictogrammes, je lancais les demandes d’amitiés facebook à tout le monde, juste comme un bot le ferait. J’ai aussi aimé utiliser google translate avec tous ceux qui voulaient discuter avec moi, peu importe leurs langues, j’essayais de communiquer avec chacun d’entre eux. Cela a été une éducation. C’était vraiment difficile d’agréger autant d’amis sur facebook quand tant de gens voulaient discuter. Je ne peux pas le croire. Comme je ne cherchais qu’à pousser du texte et des liens pour promouvoir mon art numérique et mes logiciels libres, je ne cherchais pas à bavarder longtemps avec une personne seule à la fois. Je faisais du multitâche parlant toujours à plusieurs en même temps. Bien que je n’aie jamais engagé le chat et pratiquement jamais posé de questions (pour ne jamais augmenter le temps de discussion avec chacun), j’ai toujours poliment répondu à toutes les questions de ces facebookers internationaux. Parce que je suis un chatterbox naturel. Souvent aussi, les facebookers voulaient faire du live video avec moi, du hangout, etc. Je refusais toujours respectueusement en expliquant pourquoi et en fournissant aussi mon vrai numéro de téléphone fixe pour qu’ils puissent déposer un message vocal dans ma boîte s’ils le voulaient. Je leur expliquais que j’écouterais leur message et que je pourrais retourner leur appel. Plusieurs fois, le téléphone a sonné, mais personne n’a jamais laissé un message vocal.

À la toute fin de cette première semaine après la création de mon compte facebook vorotrans, le code de sécurité facebook m’envoyait ne fonctionnait plus, j’obtenais un code par message texto en provenance de facebook sur mon téléphone portable, j’entrais ensuite ce code sur le site facebook, mais le site facebook continuait à rejeter mon code, ne me poussant aucun messages d’aucune sorte, pas d’alerte, pas d’avertissement, pas de message d’erreur, me proposant simplement de renvoyer un code via SMS sur mon téléphone cellulaire, mais le site facebook n’acceptait jamais le nouveau code. Et toujours, sans jamais envoyer aucune autre notification d’aucune sorte. J’ai envoyé un e-mail à l’assistance facebook à ce sujet, mais je n’ai obtenu qu’une réponse automatique.

Ainsi, ne pouvant plus accéder à mon tout nouveau compte facebook pour vorotrans, j’étais enfin libéré d’utiliser facebook comme outils de marketing pour mon entreprise.

Même si cela a été une expérience formidable et une éducation, j’ai été épuisé de bavarder 18 heures par jour pendant 7 jours d’affilée.

Une message que je ferais à tous les utilisateurs de téléphones intelligents est que la communication entre les individus importe beaucoup. La communication qui traverse les frontières des pays engagée entre étrangers devrait avoir une grande importance. Nous ne voulons pas polluer le monde avec des communications privées, présumées privées par certaines personnes, qui se permettent alors de pousser n’importe quoi. Supposez qu’aucune communication n’est privée à l’ère de l’Internet des objets (IdO).

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