Until Oct 16, 2019 HA-ORG raises $25,000 CAD for Audio and Video production Apps for Montreal Island’s primary and secondary schools

Montreal, Quebec, Canada at night during winter

(English version, French will follow, la version française suivra)

Audio/Video Apps for Montreal Island’s primary and secondary schools

I, HA-ORG founder, created this fundraiser because primary and secondary schools do not have enough resources to acquire new cutting edge Multimedia production software Apps. But children and teenagers could greatly benefit from the Audio and Video production software Apps I have built.

As a starting pilot project from Sept 18 to Oct 16, I raise $25,000 CAD for all Montreal Island’s primary and secondary Schools to pay for the training(s) and coaching(s) I will give to these School’s multimedia computer lab teachers and staffs when transferring the open source Audio and Video production Apps I have developed for the past 10 years.

Some of the funds will also be used to pay for audio content in order for the students to have access to audio samples and basic audio extracts and tracks they can derive their music from. The video content will come mostly from “creative commons” and public domain licenses images of grand paintings animated by the algorithms I have developed. See https://www.FractalMontreal.ORG/ for examples.

These https://www.AudioSPI.COM/ software Apps present a radically different approach at producing Audio and Video than most software Apps available on the market today. These Audio and Video Apps provide a great deal of automation and children and teenagers will love getting their hands on and interact with these AudioSPI Apps for Microsoft Windows platform.

All the backers will have a 30-day AudioSPI support along with the possibility to download this Audio/Video Apps bundle at no cost.

If this fundraiser is a success for Montreal Island’s primary and secondary Schools, I will do a similar project with Ville de Quebec and Ville de Sherbrooke primary and secondary Schools.

This Montreal Island’s primary and secondary Schools fundraiser is especially a good opportunity for Music Artists and parents who find Music and Visual Art production very important for a new generation of Artists as well as for encouraging the creativity of our children and teenagers.

You backers get the same opportunity as the Schools, that is to get these open source Audio and Video production software Apps along with a 30-day support at no cost!

Thanks for reading this message and donating to Montreal Island’s Schools.

Stephane Poirier, HA-ORG Founder and Author

Funds are collected from Facebook Donate, details at:

(Version française, French version)

Audio/Video Apps pour les écoles primaires et secondaires de l’Île de Montreal

J’ai créé cette collecte de fonds car les écoles primaires et secondaires ne disposent pas de suffisamment de ressources pour acquérir de nouvelles applications logicielles de production multimédia de pointe. Mais les enfants et les adolescents pourraient grandement bénéficier des logiciels de production audio et vidéo que j’ai développé.

Comme premier projet pilote, du 18 septembre au 16 octobre, je collecte $25,000 CAD pour toutes les écoles primaires et secondaires de l’île de Montréal afin de payer la formation et le coaching que je donnerai aux professeurs et au personnel des laboratoires informatiques multimédias de chaque école pour les applications open source de production audio et vidéo que j’ai développées au cours des 10 dernières années.

Une partie des fonds servira également à payer du contenu audio afin que les étudiants aient accès à des échantillons audio, à des extraits audio de base et à des pistes dont ils peuvent tirer leur musique. Le contenu vidéo proviendra principalement d’images, de licences “creative commons” et “domaine public”, de grands peintres animées par les algorithmes que j’ai développés. Voir https://www.FractalMontreal.ORG/ pour des exemples.

Ces applications logicielles https://www.AudioSPI.COM/ présentent une approche de la production audio et vidéo radicalement différente de celle de la plupart des applications logicielles disponibles sur le marché. Ces applications audio et vidéo fournissent beaucoup d’automatisation et les enfants et les adolescents adoreront interagir avec ces applications AudioSPI pour la plateforme Microsoft Windows.

Si cette collecte de fonds est un succès pour les écoles primaires et secondaires de l’île de Montréal, je ferai un projet similaire avec les écoles primaires et secondaires de la Ville de Québec et de la Ville de Sherbrooke.

Cette activité de financement dans les écoles primaires et secondaires de l’île de Montréal est particulièrement intéressante pour les artistes de musique et les parents qui accordent une importance primordiale à la production de musique et d’art visuel pour nos nouvelles générations d’artistes et qui veulent développer la créativité de nos enfants et de nos adolescents.

Contributeurs, vous aurez la même opportunité que les écoles. À savoir, vous obtiendrez ces applications logicielles de production audio et vidéo “open source” avec une assistance de 30 jours sans frais!

Merci d’avoir lu ce message et de faire un don aux écoles de l’île de Montréal.

Stephane Poirier, Fondateur de HA-ORG et Auteur

Les fonds sont collectés à partir de Facebook Donate, détails à:

Geotech Innovation Program – Golfe Persique le 11 septembre – en soirée – à Masdar City – UAE

(This post was published on September 10, 2019 on HA-ORG servers)

Pour les entrepreneurs de la géomatique et de la télédétection qui sont dans le coin du Golfe Persique demain, le 11 septembre, en soirée, à Masdar City, UAE – Krypto Labs organise un Demo Day – Geotech Innovation Program.


Major Tulsi Gabbard – Future US President in 2020

Tulsi Gabbard

She, and Bernie, are the only one who will beat Trump in a heartbeat on 2020 election night, speculative for the time being, I know.

Trump is happy Bidden is high in the Democrat polls, because let’s face it.

US people won’t buy the centrist wanna satisfy everybody kind of bull.

So Trump would easily win in 2020.

But there is Major Tulsi Gabbard out there, some kind of incarnation of Obama only not coming into presidency to satisfy Wall Street, but rather coming into presidency to clean USA world-wide operations. She is a military that has served USA people in war zones abroad. Now she must win the primary. Her or Bernie. Think hard you USA voters, who is going to beat Trump and deliver, really?


Une opération massive de plantation d’arbres en Alberta et au Québec

The Boxer - Stephane Poirier

Je ne prévois pas que Justin Trudeau ait mon vote cette élection fédérale au Canada à moins qu’il fasse un coup d’éclat avant, ou pendant, les élections.

Je prévois donner plutôt mon vote à Jagmeet Singh ou à Elizabeth May.

Pour battre Andrew Scheer, je crois que Justin devrait utiliser l’armée canadienne pour planter, en forces, des arbres, genre, en Alberta et au Québec. Ca nous changerait de l’utilisation de l’armée canadienne au Québec par son père lors de la crise d’octobre 1970

Wild, I know, un coup d’éclat qui montrerait son sérieux pour l’environnment.

Mais, il n’y a pas beaucoup de temps avant les élections.

Je dédie ce post à Justin Trudeau ainsi qu’au parti libéral du Canada et à la commission des jeunes libéraux du Canada (https://quebec.liberal.ca/commission-des-jeunes/).

D’un citoyen qui essaie de sauver le bateau des libéraux du Canada 🙂

A Massive Tree Planting Op in Alberta and Quebec

The Boxer - Stephane Poirier

I do not anticipate that Justin Trudeau will have my vote in this federal election in Canada unless he makes a splash before, or during, the election.

I plan to give my vote to Jagmeet Singh or Elizabeth May instead.

To beat Andrew Scheer, I think Justin should use the Canadian army to plant trees in Alberta and Quebec. It would change us the use of the Canadian army in Quebec by his father during the crisis of October 1970.

Wild, I know, not only a media splash but a massive tree planting op that would show his commitment for the environment.

But, there is not much time before the elections.

I dedicate this post to Justin Trudeau, the Liberal Party of Canada and to the Young Liberals Commission of Canada (https://quebec.liberal.ca/commission-des-jeunes/).

From a citizen trying to save the Canadian Liberals boat 🙂

Recently launched HA-ORG buys the debts from 2 previous Quebec SPI bankruptcies (2007 and 2012) for $1 CAD and will strive to payback at 15% yearly compound interest rate these old debts – A net loss of $1,312,318.92 CAD for HA-ORG today!

Elephant - Stephane Poirier

HA-ORG founder SPI, aka Stephane Poirier, is proud to present its September 7, 2019 budget and balance sheet update to the public.

As of September 2019, HA-ORG is still in its pre-marketing and pre-business-development phase. HA-ORG founder executing a Series A financing round.

To improve HA-ORG founder reputation, SPI will honor these old debts as if no bankruptcies had never been filed and better than that, SPI plans on securing a 15% yearly compound interest return on top of the capital.

Yes, back in 2000 from California, SPI planned on not being a mister nice guy anymore, for 20 years. This 20 years is now close to completion and this is the return of SPI, mister nice guy planned for 2020 and following.

If this social capitalist behavior works with SPI, HA-ORG plans it will work with many.

Details simply explained in upcoming book Transparent SPI, see https://www.transparentspi.com.

Good old governments and financial institutions are welcome to claim their share of this million and a half Canadian dollar before 2019 ends.

See if you are listed in this html document: